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Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Using sophisticated technology and expertise, the Merrill Herzog team helps businesses and individuals manage asset tracing, verification, and recovery efforts.

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Helping clients recover assets that have been fraudulently or wrongfully obtained.

Our professionals help investigate and discover facts underlying our clients concerns surrounding fraud, misconduct, and other vulnerabilities. We have a team of seasoned Forensic Accountants, Certified Fraud Examiners, anti-money laundering professionals, and compliance specialists who work with law firms, our client’s legal counsel, audit and compliance departments, businesses of all sizes and industries, and government organizations to resolve financial misconduct by taking the facts from the office to the courtroom.

Using sophisticated technology and expertise, our team helps businesses and individuals manage asset tracing, verification, and recovery efforts to assist in the discovery process. We serve our clients during investigations to manage data, uncover facts, and provide feedback. Our response time is expeditious with no disruption to our client’s organization. Our team works with clients of all sizes, structures, and industries to proactively turn risk mitigation and compliance efforts into opportunities for future growth and sustainable business processes.

Our team demonstrates our diverse experience and expertise by representing and educating multi-national clients on a wide range of standards and principles relating to specialty areas of finance. We work with our clients and their financial institutions to enhance compliance with AAOIFI standards. When lack of expertise is an obstacle for various institutions advancing with Islamic Finance, we can absorb the stress by developing and conducting training courses to help meet the needs of their team and organization.

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