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Crisis Response

Crisis Response

Merrill Herzog provides crisis response, communications, and management for Kidnap & Ransoms, Extortions, Natural Disasters, and Emergency Evacuations.


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MHG crisis response specialists provide direct, on-ground support to families and organizations facing extreme crisis'. We work hand-in-hand with those involved to bring about safe and expeditious resolution.

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Our Crisis Management Team focuses on preparing clients for a disaster and/or emergency by ensuring their emergency equipment, procedures, and personnel are prepared for any situation.

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Our global network enables us to quickly respond to disasters anywhere in the world. We support our clients with the following services; emergency management and advisement, security, evacuations, field hospitals and emergency medical care, and logistics.

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Merrill Herzog enables organizations to safely operate globally by providing security assessments & planning, executive protection services, high-threat low-profile protection, and fixed-site security. 

Crisis Response Services
When a Crisis Situation arises Merrill Herzog is standing by to provide immediate response and assistance with our 24/7 Crisis Management Team. 

Since 2015, Merrill Herzog Group (MHG) has provided tailored crisis response services for high net-worth clients and corporations worldwide. As an agile small business, our response time is significantly less when compared to cumbersome large organizations. We accomplish this through maintaining a specially selected staff of true subject matter experts (SME), who are skilled in every pillar of crisis response which include operations, logistics, procurement, intelligence, and transportation. Additionally, MHG maintains active teaming arrangements with support organizations worldwide, specifically focused in high-traffic/high-risk areas. 

Whether MHG personnel are securing the release of Yazidi Christian women from the Islamic State (IS), evacuating over 2,000 U.S. medical students from the Caribbean in the same time the United States Department of State evacuated less than 200, or working in coordination with foreign law enforcement personnel to successfully target and arrest the kidnappers of an ultra-high net-worth client, we provide a level of service that cannot be found outside of the US intelligence community and US military special operations community. 


MHG’s Crisis Management Team is comprised of personnel who previously served in senior positions within tier one military organizations (i.e. U.S. Army’s Delta Force, U.S. Navy’s Naval Special Warfare Development Group, etc.). Although the phrase “tier one” is commonly used by most crisis response and security vendors, they very rarely actually employ personnel of this caliber due to their associated costs. MHG sacrifices monetary gain for exceptional service. Our personnel, augmented by our teaming partners who specialize in medical evacuation and secure communications, oversee any crisis management situation from beginning to end. 

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