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Open Source Intelligence

Open-Source Intelligence

Merrill Herzog's Open-Source Intelligence ("OSINT") division provides compliant, deep dive background and social media screening services, OSINT investigations, and persistent threat & risk monitoring. 

Background Checks
Our suite of intelligence services are designed to act as interchangeable and ongoing value-additions to our client partners' greatest needs.


The best way to ensure an effective and appropriately targeted program for OSINT  is to work with our partners in connection with defining the precise scope and parameters of those efforts. Once we have co-developed a working definition and intended outcome, our analysts bring substantial expertise to bear and cross-pollinate with our human intelligence teams to deliver the highest level of insight and relevant/actionable information. 


OSINT is data collected from publicly available sources and analyzed by our professionals in an intelligent manner to assist in gaining a better understanding of any potential risks. Our OSINT investigations include social media, media, internet (surface and dark), public government data, academic publications, commercial data, and grey literature. 


Utilizing a proprietary suite of OSINT tools, married with our internal team of intelligence analysts, we monitor real-time information being posted to the internet, both surface web/dark web, and advise our clients on potential threats/risks as well as intelligent solutions. Our services empower our client(s) with the right information to make informed decisions. All monitoring services are fully tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Today, we provide year-round monitoring for professional sports teams, large corporations, and high profile public figures.


A highly underutilized approach to cyber-intelligence and a direct corollary to an effective OSINT outcome, our Insider Threat Mitigation services focus on helping clients understand the connections between data that constitutes true signal and ethical practices that help promote a stable and safe place of work. Our particular expertise is in coordinating with human resource, information security and data privacy leaders to develop a position of empowered readiness.


We provide Fair Credit Reporting Act and General Data Protection Regulation compliant background screening services for the entertainment industry, family offices, ultra high-net-worth clients, and Fortune 500 companies. 

  • Comprehensive Background Screening

  • Social Media & Open Source Intelligence

  • Driving History

  • Profile Assessments

  • Psychological Testing

  • Other Screening Services

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