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Our passion is protecting people and that passion has taken life as the Merrill Herzog Group. Going where others won't, to do what others can't. 

In 2015 on a rooftop in Amman, Jordan a small group of highly skilled specialists were discussing the growing need for a new breed of risk mitigation company. A company focused on intelligence services, innovative ideas, and ethical solutions while acknowledging and understanding the long-term impact their work and presence has on the communities they operate in.


Four months later the Merrill Herzog Group was created with the motto, “Going where others won’t, to do what others can’t,” and since that day we have made it our core mission to provide the best services in the industry while always putting our clients’ needs first.


Merrill Herzog is named for Frank D. Merrill and Maurice Herzog, innovative pioneers who broke molds, disrupted systems and created results which exceeded expectations.  Merrill was a U.S. Army General whose “Marauders” consisted of a multi-national force that surmounted chilling odds in one of the most difficult environments during World War II.  Many members of the MHG team served in special operations and have infused our organization with the same global perspective and cross-cultural expertise that drove the Marauders from victory to victory.  

Maurice Herzog was a French alpine climber who was first person to reach the summit of one of the 14 mountains in the world that is higher than 8,000 meters.  Annapurna, just 2,500 feet shorter than Everest, is the most dangerous of the 8,000 meter peaks and more difficult to climb than more well-known mountains.  Herzog’s achievement is even more remarkable when one considers he did it in a single season, without oxygen, and with no previous knowledge of the routes; it still stands as the only 8,000 meter peak reached on its first attempt.  Like Herzog, our work at MHG is done efficiently, effectively, often in new circumstances, and with credit going to others.  

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