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Festival & Event Safety

We handle the safety, security planning, and management so production teams can focus on producing amazing events.

Event Safety, Security Planning & Management

Providing the premiere standard for event safety, planning, and management for large events (public and private), music festivals, and stadiums. Our team has decades of experience establishing the status quo for event safety, from the Transformers movie premiere in Hong Kong to Miami F1 and music midtown in Atlanta.

We have the experts to plan, support, and manage the safety and security for events no matter the size, complexity, or location.

  • Site advance(s) and security risk assessments

  • Liaison with production team, venue, law enforcement, contracted security 

  • Pre-event threat monitoring (OSINT)

  • Safety, security planning and design

  • Safety, security management during event

  • Post event after action reports

  • Active assailant response consulting

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Pre-Event Threat Monitoring

Merrill Herzog's Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Team monitors the internet (surface & dark web) for any anti-sentiment or hate speech, protest planning, or targeted language that could indicate a credible threat for the artists, speakers, talent and/or the event.  

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Active Assailant Services

Helping clients to identify, mitigate, and resolve active assailant risks or events through the provision of;

  • Security & Risk Assessments

  • EAP Plan Development

  • Business Continuity

  • Preparedness Training

  • Response, Management, and Recovery

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