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Entertainment & Production Risk

Helping production companies, networks, and streamers identify, mitigate, and resolve risks globally.

Production Background Screening

Network and streamer approved, we provide customer service driven production background screening services.

Our process was built from the ground up to address the pain points identified by production companies (turn-around, accuracy, cost, customer service, and privacy). Our background screening services include:

  • Background Screening (individual & business)

  • Social Media Research

  • Open Source Intelligence & PAI

  • Motor Vehicle Records

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Our average turn-around is 10-15 business days with rush options available.

Fast Turn-Around

Our team of analysts are led by former intelligence analysts from the special operations and intelligence community. Each screening report has three sets of eyes on with a final legal review for compliance and accuracy.

Accurate Reporting

We employ a dedicated production background screening operations manager. Our goal is to make your life easier.

Acute Focus on Customer Service

Competitive pricing with bulk and exclusivity pricing options available. 

Cost Effective

Risk Assessments

Our risk consultants work alongside production teams to identify any potential hazards, assess the likelihood and impact of those hazards, and make recommendations on how to best mitigate, manage, or transfer the identified risks. 

From embedded documentary shoots in Syria to unscripted dating shows on tropical islands, we have you covered. Going where others wont, to do what others can't. This is Merrill Herzog.

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Psychological Assessments

In combination with our background screening, or as a stand-alone service, Merrill Herzog provides psychological assessments for production talent. Our assessment team is led by Merrill Herzog's Chief Medical Officer, Psychiatrist Dr. Lawrence Peacock,  eliminating the need for outside consultation from a third-party psychiatrist when a concern is identified.

Mental Health and Neuropsychological Assessment Instruments for productions.

  • Crisis/Suicide Assessments 

  • General Mental & Emotional Assessments 

  • Neuropsychological 

  • Drug Abuse Screening Test (DAST-10)


Contact Us to Learn More about Our Psychological Assessments. 

Medical Screening

Legal, compliant, licensed production medical screening services. Our established network of multi-lingual medical professionals, overseen by our resident Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Lawrence Peacock, have the ability to quickly provide screening, no matter the location. 

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Production Safety, Security & Risk Management

Our onsite risk consultants and managers conduct safety and security assessments and develop a production safety plan. We oversee all aspects of the safety and security and develop a comprehensive security plans for productions and networks.

We can asses, plan, develop, hire, and oversee all facets of production security. From local shoots with children to high-risk productions in Northern Nigeria. Our risk team is comprised of security and safety experts from the special operations and intelligence community.

Contact Us to Learn More About our Production Safety, Security, & Risk Management.

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