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Entertainment Industry

Entertainment Industry

MHG provides security, enhanced business intelligence, background check services, and business pathfinding in direct support of the Entertainment Industry.

Entertainment Industry
Global risk management services with the flexibility to react and scale across multiple projects and environments globally.

MHG provides security, enhanced business intelligence, background check services, and business pathfinding in direct support of the Entertainment Industry. The untimely death of Narcos location manager, Carlos Portal in 2017, highlighted the growing need for true intelligence and security professionals to augment the Entertainment Industry. In their growing desire to provide realistic and authentic filming locations, support actors/actresses, etc. it has never been more critical for entertainment executives to utilize the professional services of organizations such as MHG. Our intelligence officers, analysts, and security professionals are recruited from both the intelligence and U.S. special operations community and incorporate many of their previously learned skillsets into the provision of needed services. 


Executive Protection Services
We specialize in providing discreet, white-glove executive protection for our high-net worth clients. Each of our executive protection specialists are hand-picked, and vetted directly by our Director of Operations, ensuring that only the most polished and capable of our team is deployed to represent not only MHG, but also our clients as they travel and work.

High Threat Protection
MHG leverages its relationships throughout the world, and a pool of highly-trained former U.S. Special Operations, to provide protective security operations for clients in challenging and often dangerous locations globally. Unless supporting a high-profile individual, MHG will typically deploy a highly capable team of security professionals to provide “low-profile” security for our clients working in semi to non-permissive environments. The team assigned to our clients will have real-world and recent operational experience in the regions they are working and will often speak the local language.


Investigative Services
MHG provides a wide-range of intelligence services in direct support of the entertainment industry. Given the highly sensitive nature of many of these services, we take extreme care in assessing the legitimacy of potential clients and a formal process of due diligence is put in place before any services are offered. Please contact us for additional information.

Background Checks
We deliver high-quality, comprehensive background investigations to our entertainment industry clients. We incorporate elements and resources into our background investigations which include coordination with host country and local law enforcement officials, collection of general populace information through human intelligence (HUMINT), and MHG-provided advance teams when needed. This additional level of due diligence is not provided by any other large scale “background check” organization. Please see Background Checks for more information.

Business Pathfinding
MHG advises and supports the entertainment industry as they expand their operations into challenging locations worldwide. Using our global network of analysts, security professionals, advisors, and trusted local nationals we provide our clients with the intelligence necessary to reach informed business decisions and provide risk mitigation strategies to support success.

Leveraging our experience and relationships throughout the world, we can facilitate political, commercial, security and regulatory liaison, including introductions to officials and local businessmen.

MHG pathfinding services are tailored to individual client requirements and we maintain close relationships with our clients throughout the life of their projects to ensure that project success is achieved. 
contact us to learn how we can support your operations globally.

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