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Active Assailant Services

Security & Risk Asessments

We provide a clear, realistic picture of the potential internal and external risks facing your organization. In order to protect your organization and its people, it is essential to assess the nature and probability of these risks and determine how they could compromise or harm your operations. Our security and risk assessments were developed for that very purpose and help decision makers develop informed risk management policies, plans, and procedures, and security measures.

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Emergency Action Plan Development

Emergency preparation and planning can be the difference between a well managed emergency and complete chaos. Merrill Herzog helps your organization properly navigate emergencies, crisis by developing individualized emergency action plans (EAPs) that are an easy to follow road map for leadership and crisis management teams. Your EAPs will be codeveloped with our team ensuring that they can be operationalized when stakes are the highest.

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Business Continuity

Move forward with the confidence that you have a plan in place to sustain business operations post incident. Merrill Herzog will conduct a thorough business impact analysis (BIA), identifying your critical components, dependencies and risks that will drive the development of a sustainable business continuity plan.

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Preparedness Training

Our training courses and workshops provide individuals and organizations the skills and knowledge to confidently identify, mitigate, and manage crisis situations.

  • Crisis Management

  • Crisis Communications

  • Active Shooter Vigilance & Intervention

  • Emergency Medical

  • Scenario Based Exercises

  • Customized Courses Upon Request

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Crisis Response, Management, & Recovery

We provide immediate expert advice and support for your organization when a crisis occurs. Our crisis response teams are prepared to deploy and support your stakeholders and decision makers with guidance and recommendations to help stabilize, manage, and bring successful resolution to the crisis.

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