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Stop active assailant threats today.

Gabriel detects and responds to threats in real time with smart technology.

Comprehensive Active Assailant Protection

In partnership, Gabriel and Merrill Herzog provide best in class protection from active assailant threats.

Gabriel's smart technology combines detection with automated alerting and a virtual command dashboard.  This creates a holistic approach to stop critical incidents quickly when they occur. 

When an event occurs, Merrill Herzog is standing by to respond to the incident and help organizations and the victims recover. 

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Virtual Command

A command dashboard with hot zone mapping, geofencing, and omni-channel communication provides instant communication to mobile devices protecting the network with situational awareness to save lives.

  • Instant mass notifications to those in harm

  • Integrated with police and emergency responders

  • Interactive floor plans to mark hot and safe zones

  • Automatic notifications to community network 

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Smart Shield "Panic Button"

The smart panic button instantly starts the proactive response process by either a gunshot detection alert or the smart button being pushed.  Video and two-way communication begins streaming providing 'eyes and ears' on sight, in real time, for first responders. 

  • Fast and simple installation

  • Live audio & video streams

  • 2 way communication

  • Gunshot detection 

  • Hot zone mapping

  • Wireless and scalable

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Crisis Response, Management, & Recovery

Merrill Herzog provides immediate expert advice and support for your organization when a crisis occurs. Our crisis response teams are prepared to deploy and support your stakeholders and decision makers with guidance and recommendations to help stabilize, manage, and bring successful resolution to the crisis.

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