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Security & Risk

Identify and mitigate risks and threats before they happen.

Security Services

Merrill Herzog enables organizations to safely operate globally by providing security assessments and planning, executive protection services, high-threat low-profile protection, and fixed-site security. Our expert consulting services give peace of mind to clients and their workforce while operating in any condition, from the office to a conflict zone.

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Security & Risk Assessments

Merrill Herzog assessments clearly identify potential hazards, assess the likelihood and impact of those hazards, and make recommendations on how to best mitigate, manage, or transfer the identified risks with palatable solutions.

Recognized by insurance companies as the gold standard, our assessments provide stakeholders with the information they need to safeguard their interests.

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Our training team develops personalized outcome-based training for our client partners. Lead by a cadre of SMEs who are industry leaders in their field of expertise, we provide hostile environment awareness training (HEAT), partner nation foreign internal defense, and customized client specific courses upon request.

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We insist that today’s risk require an elevated set of capabilities reflecting the latest in learnings and experience sets. We develop security plans and mitigation strategies based off of the actual risks and threats as well as the desired end state and/or comfort level of our client partners. Our services are a truly bespoke and right sized solution.

Our Methodology

We approach security and force protection differently.

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